Southampton Conference Cracks Down on Goods Vehicle Pollution

With a large number of Drive Personnel clients based in Southampton, talk of Clean Air Zone regulations and emissions surcharges are a worry to the local transport industry. The penalties proposed by Southampton City Council could potentially have a devastating effect on small businesses who don’t have the resources to consolidate freight, create new road networks or invest in newer, lower emission vehicles. In turn, these Clean Air Zone penalties could conceivably affect HGV driving jobs as businesses attempt to consolidate their freight and reduce their use of commercial vehicles.

IR35 for Drivers & Employers Explained

What is IR35 for drivers? IR35 is a tax legislation aimed at identifying individuals who HMRC believe are failing to pay the tax due. Introduced to the public sector in 2000 by PM Gordon Brown, IR35 was designed to tackle ‘disguised’ employment whereby contractors and their hirers take advantage of the tax efficiency of working… Continue reading IR35 for Drivers & Employers Explained